mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

so, i want to find a website that has example diets for maximum health and zero entertainment. you know. eating is part entertainment. but it crosses a line. i crossed it. too many trips to Unos.

its impossible (read: not worth the time) to sift through the ambiguity of googling for anything with the word 'diet' in it -- being such a perpetual buzz word renders any hope of searching for the ultimate diet nothing more than a quixotic quest.

You know how there are those dog owners that raise their pups for best of breed? The shiny hair, the clear eyes, all that crap. I was thinking, what if i could find a few example meals of the same caliber? Essentially nothing but the bare bones of a perfect meal. Absolutely nothing to do with being entertained, and everything to do with eating healthy. Anything worth doing is worth doing cold-turkey, I say. You're either going to stick with it, or just say you are forever more. Or, the most respectable thing a person can do is to just say "I'm not going to do that." *sigh* I really do respect someone who can say flat-out "no" to something they should be doing. I am in danger of going off topic in that digression, however.

Mush. I'm searching for mush recipes. I'm not looking for some uberlow caloric intake, or to strip my meals of carbohydrates or sugars, per se. My boss's girlfriend is on some purported diet of low sugar intake. It consists of mostly vegetables but a healthy portion of various meats as well. She was at a doctor for a chest pain subsequent to starting this diet for some time, and as it had turned out to be a muscle external to her chest and in no way heart related, the doctor examining her exclaimed at the results of her healthy meals: "This is the lowest cholesterol (sp?) I've ever seen!" Whenever we hear stories like that related by our peers, we always get this tiny shot of ambition yearning within us, "I can do that! I could, I could!"

But, back to the ambiguity of the buzzword 'diet'. I want to find a website with example recipes, meals, whatever, that I can just copy at first. Actually, there won't be much modification to them and they will barely quantify as a real recipe. I posit there to be nothing more than "Squash. Cook. 1/2 a cup. Potato. Cook. 1/2 a cup. Chicken breast. Bake. 1/3 a pound. Water or skim milk. 2 cups. Do not add supplemental ingredients such as salt, butter, blah blah blah. Acceptable blah blah include black pepper, garlic, red pepper flakes, dry mustard, this, that."

I don't think it exists. I'm thinking about it, and the web is just too much of an entertainment oriented thing these days -- why would anyone go to any greath lengths to publish the world's most boring recipes?

Maybe I should be the first. Too bad I'm not a nutritionist!

*sigh* When will I acccept that all I need to get my mental energy back is to hop on the bicycle for an hour every other day? In these lazy years of sloth, a 5 flight jaunt up the stairs in our office building will (and does) leave me seeing stars at the top. I can feel that little tube of blood that feeds my brain shrinking with each day of laziness. A bastard, so lazy, am I. adieu
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