mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


thats how i feel.

thursday i stole a 5 drawer filing cabinet in my RSX (didnt fit in the accord) and got it inside, upstairs into the bedroom, and in place.

friday i threw out three offices worth of office crap. then i carried it to the dumpster. (this was at work)

saturday morning i started cleaning up around the apartment, and it turned into a gonzo cleaning. i do those about every 8 weeks, i'd say. in those 8 week periods, there's little 2 to 4 week cleanings, and then weekly cleanups. yeah.

so this was a big cleaning. this was, me in the bathroom, pouring bleach straight into a sponge and scrubbing, and coughing, and, getting very ill. for a few hours after i clean a bathroom, you could do open heart surgery on any surface in there.

the kitchen got quite a cleaning, too. bachelor fridges are like this place where you find stuff like mayonaise that tastes like tapioca, tapioca that tastes like mayonaise, antimatter, silly putty, milk that sounds like a bag of eggs rolling down the stairs while being poured, and 99% of the world's free growing pennicillin. i cant's spell that word. whatever.

ugh. where was i? oh yeah.

so, sunday i got into the spring cleaning mode. i carried our furniture -- well, the legs, out to the dumpster. 8 cinder blocks. my arms are friggin' huge now. well, i mean they're just swollen, but i'm sure they'll fill in around it. btw, we're not ghetto anymore. you know. cause of the cinder blocks going away.

anyhoo, i never did my math homework. this morning all the @#$% terminal servers broke, cause the battery died. i spent 8 hours on a ladder at the data center today pulling wires. it's a mess in there right now. i probably pulled 1/3 of the cables out today. more to come tomorrow. oh, and my boss called me tonight and said "blah blah blah do this work at 10pm even though it's 10pm blah blah".

yeah, sorry, i walked away from writing this. it was too boring to even write, let alone read.

hey its hot outside. argh. *frazzled*
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