mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

Ok work stop calling me

Work has called me ... well, three customers so far --

-an SSL digitally signed certificate customer called me this morning
-a customer IMd me to go swap a tape (told him to ask someone actually at work)
-the baseball announcer called cause the streaming server's encoder crashed, which was supposed to be watched

And lightning blew up a router (finally something work related!) a gratis Church connection. let's see if i can count how many calls i've received today for that. Ok nope, my cell phone is too basic for logging. Yay. At least ... eight. I was going to say fourteen but I think I'd be exagerating, as I do, so I shall go with eight and claim that number is in no way inflated. At least eight calls were made to me (so far) by work, on my week off that started Saturday, for a router that blew up from lightning. *sigh* yeep.
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