mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

today dennis and i drove two hours there and back to a fair that wasn't today. work called and gave up on my vacation, told me to go back on call cause they were sick of things breaking. so i'm back on call and stuck to 60 minutes from work maximum without notice, again. and i can't drink anything more than whatever is legal to drive with again. being on call is fantastic.

cait should be er, well she's probably driving through dover right about now, i imagine. 30 minutes either way from here at least.

what elsh... kat gave me a good idea the night. she said "dont go to each restaurant, just sit at home with the yellow pages and call them to see if they have positions even available, and then apply to just those". that kid's got a brain in her afterall :D


saw shrek 2 tonight. dammit. dammit dammit dammit. i got stuck with a 1/6 scottish brogue all night long. just enough to round the edges arf the wards thar. annoying as all hell.

OH! and, today before the movie we ate at this sandwich place that does stir fry and it's awesome. they have free wifi, and when we went up the counter to ask how their peculiar ordering system works, the first girl goes "well first off you just pick whichever of us you think is cuter, and ask her to take your order". and then the second one started flirting with me. ^///^ and then i realized i was being a letch cause they were probably like 18, so i scurried off ^^;

and i read a book in a store called "the science of the X-Men", and they talked about how each mutant's powers could actually be real. i wanted to buy it because it was interesting, but i've been spending enough money. i already blew my entire tax return, which wasn't even my money. got that stupid ps2 with it. and now i want a gameboy, cause dennis showed me that they have those in color these days. *sigh* so out of the times. i couldnt even beat the best scores on his mariokart game for his gameboy.

anyways, the stir fry i bought for lunch came with a fork, and a pair of chopsticks. was i being a pretentious, pompous white boy twit by using them? i decided "yes" and then i decided "who cares just use them" and i used them. :D maybe the girl was flirting with me because i was wearing my elephant safari hunter shirt and looked like a kung fu master with fists of fury and an immortal hunger of dispair?
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