mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


last night i hopped into bed around midnight or so, and i had just had a bowl of ice cream previously so i was assuming it would be a long wait to fall asleep.

every now and then, though, my brain will slip into this interesting crevice between consciousness and sub-consciousness, like it's hyper-aware. I know that it's just some figment of my imagination, but whenever I'm zoned into this, the visuals are just endlessly amusing.

Typically, my mind will wander for a while but I'll feel it drifting towards a "center lock". Literally last night, I felt as though I were searching for wherever the center of my brain was. As I drifted towards it, I felt overwhelmed by the sensation of complete lucidity, and it seemed as though all of my peripheral senses were muted by this new sensation of clarity. Then come the shapes.

The shapes are the part I find endlessly amusing. Visually I will see a blackness, a pure blackness, imagined through any ambient light seeping in through my eyes, so it seems that I'm at least partially sub-conscious by this point. Then some sort of geometrical primal will appear, like a cube or a sphere. They'll begin to rotate, and then they'll change. They'll spit out new arms and legs and invert themselves, and then multiply, and then they will integrate into each other and it's just a complete visual acid trip. It's really fantastic, and I've awoken myself laughing at some of the stupid things they make. I remember a dog last night, it had started out as an angry dog, and someone picked it up and dropped it on the ground, and it made a squeaking noise as it turned inside out, bouncing on the sidewalk, until it regained its shape, inside out, which was a happy dog with its tounge hanging out.

The first thing that happened last night, though, was that I was apparently deliberately searching for the center of my brain, and then in the blackness formed a little blue 3D brain. It started rotating, and then started to branch out with all these creepy lobe like things that obviously wouldnt fit inside of a skull. So there was this GIANT lobe sticking out the side of my brain, and I asked "whats that lobe for?" and this voice goes "self distraction". And I said "ughhh" cause I thought that was pretty significant. Anyways, that creeped me the hell out, and I figured there was no chance I'd remember that. Yet lo and behold, I did. Hrm.
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