February 1st, 2004

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I should really try to update this thing more regularly. All of the people I know on it do such a good job regularly updating, and I well, I don't officially use lj.

Anyways. Today I spent 33 bucks and repotted all my plants. They have to sit in the bathroom where I did the surgery for two nights. That's because when you repot, you have to soak them and let them drain out in the tub for a few hours, and then you have to let them dry out pretty good in the dark. If you just put them back in the sun, you'll shock the plants and they might die.

I don't know what kind of plants they are. I could find out pretty easily with a digicam shot, or maybe a few minutes of research. *ponders* *researches* *90 seconds later* ok they're called philodendrons. I knew that. Anyhoo, my mom gave me the longest of the bunch, and since she's dead, I guess that makes the plant special. *shrug* I don't really get into sentimental stuff. *ignores the toolbox of childhood trinkets hidden in his closet*

I think it's neat living in a building with two soda machines and a snack machine. It's almost as cool as the laundromat downtown! Today I got a Barqs, some Cheez-its, and a snickers bar. Erm, and wendy's. Wendy's because I did math homework on time.

Math class is going good. Apparently I get very anxious and cannot sleep if I decide to do my homework in the morning, so I'm just not going to do that anymore. It's too much work to be anxious all night and get horrible sleep. I actually took last Monday off because I couldnt sleep that night. Tonight, I shall sleep like a rock, I surmise.


Oh, I chatted with Joslynn a couple times this week. That was cool. Too bad the Bhastun thing didn't work out for her, but sounds like the Maine thing is going to work out good really well.

Matt suggested Injun food for Thursday night... laundry Monday night, School monday night and wednesday night. And the confusion of FCG during the daylight hours of the entire week... *gah*
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