February 2nd, 2004

oh yes i did

What a !@#$% day today was. Well, they all are right now. Seriously. I listened to some seriously stupid things today. I had a meeting where I had to listen to two grown ups argue over the quality of concession stand food. *sigh* I was there for a 30 second technical piece, and you don't just walk of out those once you're done.

Anyways, tonight was laundry night. Got my salsa bagel, and my eclair. e-clair. eClaire. iClare. yeah. And my apple juice. I couldnt sleep last night at all... well, I fell asleep after 3am. I thought it was going to be another all nighter. I told myself that if it was, I was suffering through it -- no more days off just cause of whatever the hell it is that is making me unable to sleep.

Right, so, this morning I got up to take a shower. No, the plants arent still in the tub. They're on the floor drying out in the dark during the day... they're still wet, so another night at least. Anyways, I take my shower this morning (every monday whether i need it or not) and I get back into my bedroom. Hrm. It's laundry day. Underwear selection is limited.

Ok... pair one. Giant hole in the back. Typical.

Pair two. Er... giant hole in the front. I'm taking like, 8 inch tears here. If you have to ask, you're not male and dont understand how underwear lasts you UNTIL IT IS STOLEN FROM YOU. Anyways, it's clearly not going to work...

But then I started thinking. These pairs of underwear. They were symbionts. Soulmates. It was meant to be.

And talk about comfort...

So some retard parked his jeep in my parking spot tonight. I left him a nastygram. That's the second time I've done that living here. Gah. Laundry night too -- it was wonderful toting that all the way up from way down back.

I hooked an internet monitor into the server tonight and got paged when it went off. When I got home, the traffic light was on -- glad the trigger works, but it's dumb if we were really down. I'm sure it was a false positive.

And school was boring tonight. Learned how to convert percentages to decimal notation and back again. w00t. 50 homework problems later and I will be the master of shifting the dot. It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again!

What else... I dunno. I could rant and vent about work every hour, on the hour, if there was the proper opportunity.

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