February 11th, 2004


Let's see here...

Well, last night was awesome. Hell, I think we even almost burned dinner off exploring those side streets.

I had a strange dream last night. I can't recall whether I have read that we (people) have the same dreams recurringly, but if we do, I think this would be one of them.

In the dream, we were having some odd sort of high school reunion. All "the bros" had coagulated into the regular group, and I was kind of floating off to the side, affiliated but not really involved. And, here's the part that makes the dream memorable, I had been invited to go along on a midnight paintball raid. We all had our gear picked out, everyone obviously had a gun for each hand, and well... next thing I knew, I was waking up from a nap at 2am and they were all gone. I asked some pansy d00d that was still around where they were, and he informed me they had gone on the paintball raid and were now partying together.

I think I went out looking for them down this odd imaginary town I keep seeing in my dreams. Cobblestone parkways, all the buildings are always downset from the road by the building's heighth, large crooked metal chimneys caked with black creosote. It's always sunset. It's always setting on an oceanscape just beyond the horizon, so it's not really there, but you can feel it regardless. Course, this wasnt a happy dream, so it wasn't quite the rosy feel I'm portraying. I'm actually just now recalling it from multiple dreams. Heck, I had one where we had to go to this mystery town to find Vicki's dad who looks exactly like Abe Lincoln cause well, he was the best damned shoesmith in town. He was out on vacation. Doh.

It's a shame you know, there's like 4 or 5 dreams a night the average person has, but so rarely do they get remembered. You have to awake abruptly to remember them. Some people have more luck remembering their dreams. I haven't been recalling too many as of late, but over the past couple years I've had some very vivid ones. A few years ago when I was coming out of my teenage funk that had me depressed somewhat, I recall my dreams were all focused on me, me sprinting at highway speeds, or me beating up an entire gang in a parking lot, or stopping a MAC truck by punching the front grill in. All Hollywood cliches, I might add.

Whatever. Anyways, I asked a ton of dumb questions in class tonight. At least four seperate ones. Got em all answered too. They were 2 dollar questions with nickel and dime pricetags. I knew it was worth it when he said "any number to the power of 0 is 1." I said "but... zero doesn't make sense. using the law of raising a quotient to a power, you're dividing zero by zero, which is undefined... right?" teacher goes "ugh..." *flips through book* "yes, you're right, 0 to the 0 is indeed, undefined". My face was all red from the attention. Yes, I get a little red in the face asking a question in front of the class. I'm still shier than I want to admit, I spose.

Heh, I fell asleep watching TV last night. It's been a very, very long time since I've done that, let me assure you! I definitely got my exercise last night. I was most amused all night, though :D

Oh, so I guess there's an IM virus going around. Whatever it is that keeps sending me random IMs -- it sucks and it needs to be stopped!

There's two beverage caps on my desk, you know, the white plastic screw tops? They're adjacent and touching. They look like contact lense holders, and I keep believing they are until I focus on them. Makes me wonder why I keep thinking that as I've never touched the bloody things before. Oh well. That was a little random, but really, it's 22:56 and I'm just thinking about cartoons coming on in 4 minutes. Hey, anyone want some Rescue Rangers or TaleSpin? I have at least 10 gigabytes so on disk, and at Mike's place, on disk means on the web.
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