March 28th, 2004

websites are down

hello folks,

i host a number of your websites for those of you i am in your friends list, and i have some bad news that it looks like the data drive on that server is gone. actually, now the whole machine is gone cause i remote rebooted it and it didnt come back, and i'm not driving across NH and back for some freebie websites :) I'll be at that location Monday, but the data is almost assuredly gone, so after I store the data disk with a new drive (or whatever, i dont have a lot of cash right now, see my last post) you'll have to upload a copy of your backups which I'm sure you all have, like I told you you would need some day :) (my roommate's already disclaimed that the website WAS ALSO his backup -- sorry to say he's out of luck. I tell everyone the rules when I host 'em)

i might have some ancient backups for some people, maybe. any way you slice it, though, if you dont have your own backup, you're screwed. taa,