April 6th, 2004


My roommate is going to wonder what is going on when, in 6 - 8 weeks, we get BOMBARDED with *cough* feminine hygine samples in our mail box downstairs... :D And if you're actually wondering just how many, well, how many web forms do you think I can fill out in 2 hours and 50 minutes?

Nah.. there's some other stuff too:

-another astroglide
-tarantula printed pantyhose
-1 "megaman" XXL super sensitivity latex condom
-1 regular sized latex condom
-Revlon lipstick sample
-Covergirl blush sample pack
-"softcup" tampon alternative.. dont really what this is, dont want to, just said it was a "drop in replacement"???. it looks like a winter hat for a grapefruit, though
-just for men jet black hair dye with extra beard sampler
-olsen twins fragrance
-"bicurio"?? massage oils from some place that was Dutch only, but i saw a USA flag so i signed up anyways
-jellybelly jellybean sampler
-12 pack of swiffer wipes