April 22nd, 2004

claritin = teh suck

i popped a claritin today. oh wow oh wow, that stuff is magical. every year i forget that hay season gets the best of me, and i suffer through a few weeks of sinus pressure and the loss of smell. I dropped 9 bucks on 5 claritins and a mountain dew, and 40 minutes into the drive home, i had this brief, sharp throbbing pain in my nose, and then -- nothing. It was as though I wasn't congested! Tonight I was able to smell a billion different things. The best one was the salt water stink going over the bridge into Newington from Durham. Salt water just doesn't remind me of NH. I always think I'm in some classy portion of southern Maine... I almost am anyways, right?

Tonight we went to THE ice cream place on the NH seacost, a shop called Annabelle's. I believe there is one in York, or Portland, as well. Good homemade ice cream. Mmm.

I grabbed a new window fan at Home Depot tonight. This is a welcome addition to the room, replacing the fan that burned out two nights ago while doing math homework. Musta been almost 90F tonight at 10pm when I came up in here, and that was with the window open. The low window position compared to the pitched ceiling of this top floor bedroom really adds up to some radical heat conservation. Add that to the southern exposure, and this place turns into a roasting oven. I've had the window open since late February, and the fan has been pulling air in for at least six weeks now.

Work's been quick paced, for a change. I spent the entire first portion of the week in the data center, rewiring stuff. I pulled a lot of cat5 out, and then repackaged it with gladlock sandwich bags. I vacuum seal the bags, so compressed, the heap filled up a leaf bag. Think about that! The carpet was cleaned for the first time ever.

I'm really glad google blocks blogs. This is the most mindless drivel I've ever bothered typing in.

I'm sad that Cait will be gone for the summer, but she's gotta thing to do, and having her around makes that person one of the luckiest people in the world. So Caity, I know you've heard this like 15 times so far, but call us up -- me and your other friends, call whenever you need to, don't do time zone math, just do it. :D And specifically with mine at least, I can call you back even in Cali and it's free, so jump on that whenever you find the need.

In Cait's place as K.com webmaster until she returns, the site will be found in the very skilled hands of Rachel, a.k.a. Skittlesama. Expect audio rants to trickle in over the course of the summer, whenever some trite manifistation of the mundane endeavoreth us to complain in only the most nettled, chagrined methodology that we encompass: the digital roux of mp3 mixes with the analog stock of our angry voices.