April 28th, 2004

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i was dialing a number for accessing my balance due on my credit card just a few minutes ago when i found myself continuously screwing the verification codes in. it gave me a flashback to when i was a junior in high school.

i think every guy has done this. i don't have any idea if the girls have. that's why i'm typing this in, cause it's interesting. sitting on my bed, i had my phone in front of me, and, for about 90 minutes i would dial the first 6 digits of her phone number. and then hang up. over and over again. you sit there hanging up right after the 6th digit. sometimes the operator recording comes on, telling you what to do. sometimes you rub the sides of that last, terrifying digit. flicking at it. hang up. again and again.

FLASH ZOOM your head SWELLS with each heartbeat, going dizzy your eyes flicker around the room: the ceiling lamp is bright white and hot, the far wall shrinks, the side walls grow, your mind is all vertigo, why is the phone making dialing noises?!

fibrilating through the abrasive telco tones, the sweat sealing your ear into the handset makes sticky sliding noises, the adreneline enhancing your hearing tenfold. and then, a long pause.

the most dreadfully long pause. the calm before the storm.

and again, the tempest flurries in your ear. the second round of dialing tone. it's been 20 seconds. you start to become cognizant: you just dialed her number. the one you've pined for for too long. what are you doing? ABORT!! ABORT!!!

but you cant!

caller ID is your newest enemy, oh God what if she sees the number and calls it back?!

and then, during the third torrent, a click. time slows even more as you hear the phone cord on the receiving end stretching, extending to someone's ear. who's ear? oh no, there's a hint of a whispter, and then


Nothing but the marble sized stem of your brain is in control. The original mammal brain, the rat brain. The slice of tissue that makes you breath and run and scream. You respond: "Ugh"

Quickly you brainstorm clever things to say. Perhaps asking for whome you are calling?

"Is ______ there?"

"Nope, she's out with her friends right now. Can I take a message?"

ahhhhhhh the relief comes

...in giant hot flashes.

"Nar, I'll just try her again some other time, no biggie. Thanks!"

"Ok, goodbye! *click*"

So. Share yours. Answer how old you were, how many times/days you tried calling those 6 digits, and how much panic did you feel when you hit the 7th digit? :D