May 15th, 2004

(no subject)

Aye, I mailed skittlesama a digital drawing tablet i bought a long time ago. I was moving stuff around and found this weird little plug, and it clicked in my head that it was the missing piece to a tablet that had no power cord, so, voila! working tablet. ^^ I already have one, and given that my roommate doesn't contribute a darned thing to the Internet, I looked down the list and there was rachel in the number 2 spot. 2 days later it showed up at her house waiting for a windows 98 computer to receive it! ... whoops, she has XP! Fortunately, a year ago I came across some drivers that might have been the right one, and somehow I saved them in a directory named after the right model in a list of *many*. To make an overly long geek story short, it all worked out and I'm sure her smutting the net up is MORE than going to make up for mailing it up there for her :D

And so begins Saturday night, 6pm ... and not a damned thing to do. I successfully wasted the first 18 hours of the day by falling asleep at midnight last night, and putzing around the house until 4. I washed my car, and then I drove through UNH looking for people. Mind you as a social retard and complete introvert/shut in, that's indicitive of MASSIVE BOREDOM on my part. Anyways, UNH was a ghost town, so I got lost in purpose and took some country backroads until I knew where I was again, and came back here.

Saw "Mean Girls" last night. It was an SNL movie, but felt more like a teeny bopper chick flick. In other words, it was gay. yes, how PC. I'm 90% sure I'm on my way to see at least one more movie in a little bit, if not two. It's just so damn hot outside... pfffft. I live in NH cause ... well, cause I was born here and haven't moved away. And I havent moved away because I prefer it frosty cold outside. Today begins day one of the 200 dollar power bills.

Windex kills wasps. Eventually. When you flick them, remember they're covered in windex, though.

Well, I think I'll head out there and do a little nothing until it gets dark, and then come back here and do a little more nothing, and then go to bed. And then do it all over again tomorrow! w00t!