May 21st, 2004

please continue holding. your call will be answered in the order of which it was received.

i bought a shiny new dlink router. *gag* hey, it was only 50 bucks and now we have IEEE 802.11g in our apartment, in addition to the 802.11b hotspot. That damned WAP11. Piro, over at Megatokyo, was crabbing about his today in his rant section, so I took the opportunity to write to him and tell him how to update the firmware. I also snuck in how bad I want Miho and that I made my own 5 foot tall Miho body pillow plushy with blackened out eyes and a huge frowny face. *cough*

"The first duty of ever Starfleet officer is to the truth- scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth. It is the guiding principle upon which Starfleet is based. If you cannot find it within your self to stand up for this truth, you don't deserve to wear that uniform!"

The line above is 1/4 of a techno song I have stuck in my head. I can't figure out why it takes 40 seconds for my mp3 player to load a CD with only one 4 minute song on it. I can fit the Captain Picard song in exactly 10 times each way to and from work. That means on a good week I can listen to him rap almost 100 times! That, coupled with the fake elevator I made in the closet ... I made my own fake "muzak" channel that plays nothing but the Captain Picard song over and over again. I kinda have this weird fantasy where I sit in the elevator, cause it's stuck, and I pretend Captain Picard is on the bridge, developing a rescue mission for me.

Hrmm what else is new in the world of Mike. Well, last night I finally finished organizing all of the spare cat5 cabling by spool length. I was having a hard time deciding whether to cross sort it by color or insulation rating. I hear you cringing, I know, quite the dilemma! I was a good boy in the end though and did it by insulation rating. We can't indulge ALL the time, right? So I ended up with 6 of these pyramids of cat5 cabling all over the house, and since most of the cabling is yellow anyways, I figured, why not put my collection of Honey Bee plushies on top of them all? I was IMing some of my friends afterwards (it was past their bedtimes so we couldn't talk on the phone) and they said sometime we should have a Honey Bee theme party at my place. I felt really bad telling them that I had traded my bee costume to Goodwill last fall.

Oh, oh this is too much fun, though -- about every 40 to 48 months I finally end up with enough baby slabs of bar soap (you know, when it gets too small to use?) that I had enough chips to make a new bar. There were like 6 brands in there, so melting it down into a new bar on the stove last night was quite the treat. The entire apartment smelled like, wow, I don't even know. I wanted to pee my pants I was so excited. It was torture waiting for the new bar to cool! It took about 30 minutes and then I was off like a rocket to the shower to try out my favorite new thing! 55 minutes later it was all gone, though. :( You think opening a new bar is bliss? This was opening 6 new bars at once! Honestly, I can't believe the things people will just throw out. Did you ever stop to think that each used piece of kleenex after you blow your nose is basically a QuickSlam sized papier mache? In a few winters you could have a nice endtable for the patio. I'm just saying, people waste way too much. Spruce that endtable up with some pretty flowers and you'll have a symbolic gesture of Spring overcoming Winter! :-P