May 23rd, 2004

mmm sardines

I stocked a pantry over this week and last; I spent 100 dollars almost exactly last weekend on various items I figured would be appropriate, and then yesterday I downloaded a suggested itemization for a pantry, subtracted the things that I had already got, and then purchased the remaining items to a tune of 44 dollars. Amongst this list was sardines.

Supposedly as a toddler I used to share sardines with my mother, who would eat them while watching a Soap Opera every day from 1 to 2pm. I used to dread that hour of the day once I started having my own television programs to watch, as All My Children was a sharp contrast to Mortimer Ichabod Marker. None-the-less, I've been told I was rather fond of the little fishies.

Well, tonight, the allure of the red and white can got to me. Coupled with the fact it was made of metal, came with its own key, and held vast secrets within, I felt that the can was doomed to an early demise. Indeed, pondering the consumpsion of its contents was a short task, and I found myself prying the can open. Inside were 4 little oily looking fish. I gave them the old "bachelor sniff test" -- if it smells like tapioca, that means it's either clean laundry or rotten mayonaise. Hopefully you can tell if you're applying it to your mouth, or your foot. Branch outwards from there. The wee fishies smelled quite neutral and inoffensive.

I plunged a four pronged fork deep within the second down from the top. Hitting the back of the can, the sardine crumbled into two pieces. *sniff*. Yeah ok, I was baching it again. Still no smell. Into my mouth.

It's good! It's as potent as chicken, with a fishy flavor. Sardines are cheap, too! Maybe I'll start eating these for lunch instead of Wendy's.