May 26th, 2004


this is going to take decades for me to master.

*puts down his ddr manual*

update: ok, i put it in workout mode, you know, where you dont get booted and it tells you how many calories you've burned.

whats everyone's record? :P

i just burned 140 calories in like 25 minutes, and ... thats amazing. a double whopper with extra bacon and heavy mayo is 1400. if i did that another 4 hours it'd undo it! *thinks* wait a second, 4 hours is an entire 1/6 of a day! *6 times 1400* 8400 calories? Nah thats high by about 5000 calories for mike. i eat like 3500 a day, i think. yeah, the 3500 to 4000 range. i guess that's all about right. i'm really gross right now *pushes hair back*

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What time is it?

For 9 months I've been using a different time zone than everyone else in New England.

Yes, this is some of that stupid nerd crap I do. So you in the back, quiet.

So, remember back to what, I dunno. December 23rd 2003, maybe? I don't remember the exact date, but it was time to "Fall Back". All the clocks fell back an hour, and I lost an hour of my life. Worse than that, I lost an hour of daylight that I had gotten used to, even though it wasn't fairly mine to begin with. NH was back on EST, Eastern (Time Zone) Standard Time. I said, never again. So, I switched the server to UTC, which is pretty much the same as GMT, except for some anal little differences. Think London, think, Greenwich, whatever it is. 5 hours ahead of us during EST.

Well, that was a rough 6 months. I didnt migrate the change to the clocks, or the car, or my cell phone, or my watches.

Then, we went back to EDT a few months ago, right? Well, that's only +4. Much easier for Mike to do in his head! Now everything around here is on UTC. The question really comes down to whether or not I'll get cozy enough with it that I'll do the +5 math again this winter. :D

So like, it's 18:55 right now (oh yeah, its all 24 hour time too ... but it's been that way for half a decade. that's just plain convenience.) All the clocks in here say 22:55 right now, though. Muhwaaa