June 3rd, 2004

boston with jozzy


just got back from harry potter. thanks joz!!! i had a blast. til i drove to @#$@# nashua cause i was so obsessed with wiping lipstick off my forehead that i didnt pay attention until i landed in merrimack. DOH


oy, tired. ill have to go see harry potter again, it was so awesome.

EDIT: update. I was seriously tired when I wrote that. I figured I should elaborate that the way Joz got lipstick all over me was by DRAWING ON ME while we were on the train. Between that and getting jabbed with glitter lipgloss, I looked like a circus clown by the time I walked off the train. I'd like to point out that she does play fair, though, cause when she realized she was starting to mutilate my arm with her giant ring whilst slugging me repeatedly, she was nice enough to turn it around facing inwards. :D

Oh yes, and by the way, anthropomorphize IS in fact a real word, I didn't make it up, and it even means what I said it did. So, plllllltthhh.