June 12th, 2004


so i was taking a nap, kinda. you know, exactly in between being awake and sleeping. your thoughts wander but they are all sane and realistic.

so, i woke up all of a sudden because i had some random thoughts about the BFC I want to build. I loaded photoshop for a change to do some mathematically accurate sketches. As I was looking at it, I started to ponder the actual size. I was thinking, "If my apartment here were the BFC, how would it compare?" I already had some numbers sketched out for dimensions, but those were in my head. I grabbed my 100 foot tape measure and started counting what I live in currently. I was really astounded. My bedroom, which I figured was about 12 feet, is 15 feet, and the living room, which I thought was about 18, is 22. My numbers here are about 1/3 too small, I feel.