June 21st, 2004


Went to claremont for father's day.

one of those days. Where ... works calls. The whole network is down. I'm not on call.

My boss calls me. He decides that since he's closer, he'll go. my boss is calling me from north carolina.

so, my father's day trip is cut short. i leave my dad's house. go get erik, cut him short on his visit too. we go to manchester, argh. [manchester stuff occurs]

get home. the router wasn't fixed. i have customers IMing my idle session, completely pissed off. one made a dig at me. wonderful.

and i'm asking myself, "the burger king one residence up from my apartment is hiring. how many weeks/months could i work there full time before i went more insane than this is making me?"

:D i'd miss the online-ness. but i have to cut that cord, no? a junky breaks his habit?

EDIT: also, one of our customers to whom i was venting, offered me a job! it'd be like a 45k to 60k job.