June 23rd, 2004


i just had an idea. when i build this ridiculous castle, i should tailor it such that people who are having their first wedding (i'm too cynical) can rent out some portions of the thing for beaucoup dollars, all for me (I'm also avaricious). i think people drop like, 15 grand on their first wedding. At least a lot of people do. I couldn't fathom spending that much money, but then, I wouldn't want to get married at a circus either. Anyways, I should get some of that moolah. Either that, or I could do like a honeymoon suite in a tower. Hrm. Maybe both? Not that people would use it for both, but it could certainly be one or the other. And the old folks would love to watch on from the peepholes I'd give em. Dirty old perverts. :D This is coming together quite lovingly.


Does anyone know if it's illegal if I have some guests stay over from a third world country for 6 months and I just happened to give them a little somethin-somethin for helping me with just a few manual labor type jobs I have? You know ... some spending money.