July 14th, 2004

200 gig drive for miso ordered

got a 200gb pci u-ata100 pata drive with a promise u-ata133 pata controller for miso! w00t! skittle can store 172 gigabytes of pr0n0 r0b1n lu5t yaoi on her site after that. or caityb can store ugh ... ~8.9 weeks of queer eye, at 133 megabytes an hour. or i can pull down the star trek the next generation boxed set ... 2.8 times! no, i wouldnt do that. that's stealing.

server will be down

in a related note, the websites will be down for a day or two or maybe even three while i redo that system. might as well put something new on it. i'll probably take the machine home and do it up over a weekend. i can put up a splash page for all the websites advertising that they're down for X hours and why, or i can just leave them down while i do my thing.