July 27th, 2004

oh hell yeah

digitalsushi (02:16:10): ok, so this is my first time ever since moving out where i've been in the same place for more than a year
digitalsushi (02:16:26): subsequently, this is the first year i ever got a car registration renewal in the mail
digitalsushi (02:16:34): its 390 bucks to register my car, right?
digitalsushi (02:16:44): ok, so i'm like "eh, i have the money saved for something else... at least i have it"
digitalsushi (02:17:34): well, i open up the last piece of mail ... its from my insurance company... they decided to cave and i won the case! they paid me the 290 dollars for my car parts! so thats 290 bucks i didnt plan on at all! so my car registration this year... is 100 bucks. ^______^