mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

doot doot

I hung out with jenna tonight for a while. Her computer was being flakey, and it almost sounded like someone had installed some hacker thing controlling her machine. Given that we were chatting over AIM about it, and that a hacker could have seen the converstation, when I had gone down to her apartment to see, well, of course it wasn't doing it. I showed her how to copy the open TCP socket connections using netstat, so next time it happens she'll paste one of those in for me. *shrug* it's a 98 box, so it doesn't really seem to me that it's actually been hacked. I'd be interested to see otherwise, though.

I was about to just head back up when she asked me if I had the new mariokart, which I do. So we headed up here and played kart for an hour, and then played with her cat which she brought with her. ^^

I wish there was an emotion that meant "really wants to eat some Lunchables". Geh.

One more day. One more day off. That was the most boring week of my life.
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