January 28th, 2005

there's a thing in which it was said that was not right

well, this day was the first day it was warm out in the world, and i am glad it was. i hate it when it gets cold, i would like it to be warm for the rest of time. school this day was the best. there was some stuff that went down, and then i got to eat some food at the mub. the mub has lots of kids and they are all my age. i got a ham and cheese. and it was cut in half. i got a root beer too.

in my third class there is a girl that i spoke with two days in the past. i would like to talk to her some more, but she did not go the place I went to when the class was done. i had to catch the bus, too. it's not a big deal, as i will get a new chance in three days.

now that the week is done, i have some time to play. i want to make the toys i got here work more... i think that in a day i will head south to see a mall with my friend nate and his girl. i would like to get some cords for my stuff now that i have moved down here. i might move the couch, too. i have not yet come up with a thought on that.

i watched some star trek for a bit, and i think that i will watch some more. i have them all on this box, and it is a thing i like to do when i am bored. and to speak of the bored state, i think at times that i have too much free time on my hands. is this a good sign of that?