February 14th, 2005



i remember back to Mrs. Robert's second grade. they had some people from NASA come in to talk to everyone. it was a school wide assembly. well, i was obsessed with outerspace and had been for quite a while. so when i was one of the eight or ten kids who were chosen to ask a question to a real life austronaut, as authority figures i had decided they would be the final word: "is pluto a planet?" i asked, meekly. "yep. next?" everyone in my class said "you stupid idiot we just learned that!" i remember trying to articulate to my 8 year old peers that i had read pluto was really just a moon in an escaped orbit. it was frustrating how they didnt understand, and for the rest of the day i felt miserable thinking about how i had used the one chance to talk to a real astronaut to ask something that was so quickly passed over in confusion. anyways.