February 24th, 2005

indian food!

i made indian food tonight from scratch. i think i burned my thumb, but i dont remember doing it. hrm.

cucumber salad: diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, on a bed of lettuce, with lentils, fresh lemon juice, and some granulated sugar to counter the lemon, mixed, and served cold;

poppadom, which are flakey chips, which we deep fried in a pan. the oil was far too hot and we filled the entire apartment with smoke. even now it's still hazy. these are amazing! you drop them into the oil and they INSTANTLY grow to three times the diamater! after they cool off, think of them as yummy potato chips, kind of.

i made two chutneys from scratch:

cilantro chutney: 2 bunches of fresh cilantro, pureed, with a little oil, fried red peppers, and one garlic clove, also pureed. i threw it all in the freezer while i finished cooking, so it was nice and cold for the table.

tomato chutney: two tomatoes, chopped, and then pureed, along with 5 red chili peppers, 9 cloves of crushed garlic, corriander, mustard seeds, lentil, and chili powder. i might have tossed something else in there, too. not sure.

you dip the poppadom into the chutneys...

a friend, matt, brought over rice, and some premade curry sauce. we heated that up and had it as the entree, and erik brought a half consumed bottle of coke :D it sure did hit the spot though, after my mouth caught on fire. a tip of the hat to both gents for their contributions :D

and on that note, i've neglected homework which i now surmise i can finish in the morning easier than now, as i've exhausted myself spiritually from all that karma sauce.