March 11th, 2005

week in review

i dont remember the week. i really want some chicken nuggets. i had some yesterday, so that was thursday. which was the day after i think i had leftover ziti. yes of course! because i had it fresh the night before, tuesday night, much thanks to jenna, who made it. mmm, that ziti was so delicious. also, she taught me a trick as proxy of another example; my new favorite salad dressing isnt thousand island with soy fake bacos and croutons with red pepper flakes. it now is thousand island with shredded parmesian. i'm starving thinking about it. course, i cant eat right now because i had "the biggest filling you can get" installed today. my teeth are starting to hurt as the novacaine wears off. nate said this is normal with the new style fillings. they're white, to satisfy my vanity! yes folks, i now have 15 molars with silver, and 1 without. i'm pleased to announce i am now super fly.

i had two midterms yesterday. it made me go to bed without starting an entire week's math homework. i did it all except for a bit at 6am...

Has anyone experience with formal math proofs? If I can do one simple one and do it well, my final math grade is increased 10 points after every other calculation.