March 16th, 2005

mike's one time food journal

a good friend of mine is doing a "food journal", in which she blogs her daily intake. so i'll do a one time food journal, cause it's never really any better than this.

ok, here's todays:

a small coffee with four creams and four sugars added
two fried hash browns
a bacon mcgriddle with maple syrup and cheese

a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato and honey mustard
a bad of fried potato chips
a bottle of orange syrup pop
a pickle

a mountain dew
multiple tylenols

a small chili with extra cheese and barbeque sauce, and extra salt
a chicken sandwich that i added extra mayonaise to after i got it home, with extra salt
a large iced tea
a large box of fries with extra salt and honey mustard and sweet and sour sauce and barbeque sauce

wow, i was just updating my journal to make fun of jenna's food journal but i just had an epiphany that i should be dead if i really eat like that all the time! oh, well. that's obviously not the case as i am still alive. *rubs the tinglies out of left arm*

i think i should check into a clinic!