March 19th, 2005

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i went to a motorcycle shop where a friend from work purchased a new bike, before going to olive garden and then the mall. i really wanted to stay inside and hide today, due to my cold draining me, but the fresh and and sun did me more good than bad and i dont feel too poorly right now.


eating junk food surely has become my vice over the past few years. i find such comfort and familiarity in it; drive through meals have this wonderful sameness to it across locations, and the fat and salt and cheese just all taste so delicious. likewise chain restaurants are a cozy place to visit with friends. like a pavlonian programmed response, never eating alone at a restaurant means going to one always implies social interaction.

i suppose as the course of doing my undergrad takes its toll on my bank account, the problem will solve itself. dropping 12 dollars on a meal will quickly be a thing of the past, or at least a special treat. growing up, going to a place to eat was literally a once in a blue moon experience, every six or seven months. i suppose the problem started with the automobile -- daily lunches downtown at the young age of 19 were a tempting alternative to bringing something in, and never since have i properly adhered to a respectable diet.

maybe one of the biggest problems is that i have surmisably a high enough metabolism that whatever i eat never ends up enough to make me change. i'd hate to have a plexi glass chest and see my heart though it. at 25 i now get regular vibes that things are on the downward slop within my body, in need of exercise and better foods. that aint ever supposed to happen, i dont think. there's 70 year old men in better shape than me.

granted, my stress levels dropped down to zero this year. homework just doesnt compare to monitoring an ISP class network 24/7. i havent had an upset stomach since i quit my job. i had suck a fickle digestive system for the past few years. i have to suspect some things have healed as i have closer to an iron stomach again -- i havent worried about what i'm eating for a little while now, and it only reinforces my confidence in food choice. :P