March 22nd, 2005

(no subject)

well, i had to give up on my CS homework. no idea how to do it, and its due in a few minutes... i'll get a 50/100 if i am lucky. i feel kinda crappy that i had to give up. i sat here 7 full hours giving it my best, at least... i have a very, very high grade in the class, so i guess its... nah. i cant justify it. i really wanted to show off this semester. well, maybe not getting kicked back out will have to be enough, my first semester back.

looks like i got an 88 on the second comm exam... not very good on that either. thats after scaling. i think it was about a 74, 75 outright... i found out during the exam there was an entire video everyone was supposed to go watch at the library. i can still undo that, though. if i write a paper thats really good, it will replace one exam grade. there's 4 total, my first one was awesome, and i'm planning on doing a more stellar job on the last two.

music class is kicking my butt. there's another listening exam friday, and i havent started yet... 9 sonatas to memorize by friday morning. i was going to start working on them, heck, last night. i spent two entire nights working on this damned cs project. guess i had it coming.

and then math... augh. math. math really remains the primary focus of this, and the biggest worry. i cant go to dinner tomorrow night, i dont think. i dunno. maybe i could... it would be really irresponsible, though. i'm convinced that from here til the end of the school year, it's going to be really difficult.