April 11th, 2005

argh what a frustrating weekend

I had the most frustrating weekend.

So, I'm having a get together, you know, nothing big, maybe 10 to 12 people showed up at my apartment. I had some extra chairs in here from some neighbors, and a few bean bags, et cetera, so there was pretty much enough sitting room. We had two televisions going, on each end, one with a PS2 and one with a gamecube. All in all it was a pretty sweet layout and people were having a good time. I was being the mixmaster if you will, making sure both a steady stream of tunes was playing (not so loud we got in trouble, of course) and serving up some tasty treats. Mostly just margaritas, and a bit of beer. All in all, your usual stuff for a party. Anyways, a few friends who I invited also brought some kids that I don't actually know. That's fine, I mean, my friends wouldn't bring in some punks right? I was in the kitchen, hanging out with some of my closer friends, enjoying a drink with them, while a dual load of lasagna baked in the oven. I was tending to that cause who likes burned lasagna? No one! Exactly! We were having a few brews, having a few laughs. Things were a grand old time. Then, my weekend just goes to *hell*. From across the room, over on a couple fold out tv trays I have, I had the onion dip out. One of the people that got invited by a friend, a kid I don't know from Adam or Eve -- he double dipped a dorito! Like it was his own apartment home alone! ARGH! So of course I lost it. One of my friends tried to hold me back but I got past him, and tore out into the living room. I think you could almost hear a record needle ripping across an LP -- the kid looks mortified as I charge in and get up in his face, asking him to try it one more time, just one more damned time. Kid's lip starts quivering like he's going to cry. Everyone starts looking at the ground, kinda rubbing dirt into it that isn't there, all awkward like. Anyways, I was completely balistic, and then in my mind, everyone was a double dipper. Anyways, this is probably silly, but I kicked everyone out. I just couldn't stand the thought of picking up from there. Emily Post was rolling in her grave. Anyways, a couple friends left me some voicemail saying they would have done the same exact thing, so I didn't feel too horrible about it. Heck, I'd probably do it again if I had to. Still, I can't help but wonder if I went overboard . . .