April 16th, 2005

what a day

So, today I was in Manchester to do a server install for a nominal fee. Whilst an OS was installing, I offered to help with a rack breakdown. Upon so doing, the rack broke down upon me! And by that action so did a customer's server become unplugged. Upon reception of myself at home, said customer offered me a bribe to return to the site -- anything I wanted from ThinkGeek.com! At number one on my want list was a Linksys NSLU2 ... three hours later his server was fixed, and my NSLU2 is in the mail! W00t! What a lucky day. For nothing more than two trips to Manchester and a giant gash in my shoulder, I get free Linux hardware ... Hell's Bells, I'd stab myself in the eye for an iBook upgrade, if that were an option. :-D