April 18th, 2005

dream i had last night

So I had this weird dream last night. We were all hanging out at work, and Nate runs into the kitchen in a panic. We ask him what's wrong, and he goes "Does anyone have a jar of pickles?!" Well, there happened to be a jar in the fridge. So Nate tears into the fridge and pulls out the jar. He asks, "Are these Kosher? Are these Kosher?!" We're like, "Dude, we dunno. Look at the label." So he looks at the label. Sure enough, they're Kosher. He prys the lid open, and pulls all of the pickles out, one by one, tossing them into the trash. After he's done, he goes back into the fridge and pulls out the Brita pitcher. We're all wide eyed as he pulls the lid off the container and pours a fresh batch down the sink. He starts getting some angry looks but he keeps going. He finally takes the jar of pickle juice and pours it into the Brita filter. Slowly, out the bottom, trickles some clear, pure water. He waits 15 seconds while the Brita fills up, and then he pulls the filter off, turning to sprint off from wherever he came from. We ask him "Nate, dude what's going on?" He goes "There's vampires in the lab and I need Holy Water to kill them with, be back in a bit!" *sigh*

voip + asterisk + vonage

Well, there was an article on slashdot the other night about Asterisk catching on. I'm starting to get interested. I have absolutely no idea how voip works, however. I'd really like to set up my own little telephone system! You can do on-hold music, voicemail, different boxes ... You can forward to a cell phone based on whatever you tell it. Some people forward to their cell phone if they have an away message up! What else. Hrmm... I could program the traffic lights remotely. I could write a script that gets the current movies playing in Newington, and do a text to speech that talks back into the telephone as to what is playing. I could have it automatically let people into the building, if they knew to call my extention and then type in a password, or say the password! Whoa!@!! If I did a speech to text, I could have it play the number password back into the auto door lock branch hardwired into my number. Imagine calling me from the door, and when it clicks, yelling OPEN SESAME and having it auto unlock the door!