April 19th, 2005

bad things i am doing

i didnt do homework tonight! i instead made a quasi good dinner and shared it with jenna. i'm afraid to look at my bank account right now. i'm going to freeze up and eat poor really soon now.. kinda horrified. i can live off my credit card for a while, at least. thats not a good idea.. erm. hrm.

i got my nslu2 and plugged it in. it's pingable. my little lan has a san. now i need some hard drives. well, one at least. or at least an enclosure. i'd rather just install new ones than convert... need money to do this, hrm.


i guess i dont really need to populate it, though -- is that greedy?

i found out that i can post to lj by emailing. its the most convenient thing in the world.

i almost had my review today, but then they decided to make it more formal...