April 24th, 2005

washing dishes...

washing dishes is a magnitude easier when you have one of those plastic scrub wands. they have a sponge on one side of the head, a scouring pad on the flip side, and the handle detaches so you can fill it with soapy water (or just soap, but that would be a waste of soap). When you squeeze the handle, whatever fungus infected thing you are not interested in washing is magically half done, and all you have to do is scrub away -- you can wash glasses out properly, and well frankly, if i bothered to write an lj post about how great a sponge is, i mean, come on.

hoo boy. canceled the TV

Well, not yet, but in a week, there's going to be a guy here to cancel my TV, except for basic channels... good bye Cartoon Network, good bye Comedy Central.

I can't really say that those two channels are worth 50 dollars a month, though!