April 27th, 2005

two big exams tomorrow

I have to study at the MUB tonight with anyone who shows up from math class... probably just Jules, the girl who made up the study sheets. Which means that I'll have to teach her math, probably. And I don't really know any of it. Well... at least, it doesnt really feel that way to me. I'm sure that I'll know more as the night progresses. On top of things, though, there's the comm exam, which I have decided I am just going to take and hope for the best. If I get a 46 on this exam, my average in the class will drop to a 75. It's 4 question multiple choice -- the lowest random grade would be 25%, so it seems likely that I should be able to get at least a 50% without having read anything. Since I read things, but didn't do the lavish extra credit assignments this third exam (to which I did for the first two) I would expect a 70 to 70%, which I would be happy with.