April 28th, 2005


that exam was HORRIBLE. and i cant email gmail today. they all bounce back.

anyways, i need a few beers tonight . . . and maybe think about where i'm gonna work if UNH kicks me out again. :-/

ok, ok.

That was the worst day of school... ever. So, now I dunno if I can pass precalc. If I can't pass precalc, there's a real chance UNH is going to evict me... forever. See, I got kicked out in 1998, and the continuing education department classes I took are not "real" enough, so my last semester to them, although it happened in 98, was the one before this one. Therefore, I came in on red alert mode. If I fail a class.. they might not like it. Anyways, if they kick me out, then I can take a hint. I'm meant to do something else in life. And if things work out, then things work out. I just dunno what I'd do next if they say no-more. I have a great job, but it's on campus, and it would end shortly after getting a note from UNH saying take-a-hike. Maybe I'm being alarmist. I often am... I need some good news, like, I got better than a 50 on the exam. (No way that happened.)

mini castle

I'd thought the other day about how one might create a small castle on a property... would it not be cunning to see a single, 12 foot wide pillar made of brick and fancy windows in a field, randomly?

i've so many tasks to learn over the next decade. a few specifically i wish to attain are how lumber harvesting works, you know, cutting a tree down and planing planks of it. brickwork and stonework are high on my list, and i wouldn't mind getting the basics of ironsmithing down as well. perhaps a wee lofty, but i'm a smart kid as long as i'm not in a math classroom! *still bitter* Masonry is a clever art and those artists earn their pay. Stonework is even more clever to me. There's a man from my hometown who does it, and he's quite well-to-do. Oh, I'd wanted to learn more about native NH granite. Maybe Caity knows? I'd heard granite is ever so slightly radioactive, and you don't want to just carve up any old sliec for your kitchen countertop! I thought that would be a neat fix for a costly surface, though. There's still math to be learned, I concede; weatherproofing foundations requires some semblence of understanding not unlike math, and to do it with any economical approach is paramount to pride in the work. Isn't that so with anything, though? Land is most expensive. I wish I knew where I was going to end up. If I knew I'd be in 03XXX zipe code in 10 years, I'd start thinking about aquiring a plot of land around this point of my life. Think of the benefits in pre-emptively pruning a plot, perfectly plowing pitchy-pines, perpendicular pillars as parallel pose, pondering paradise. Someday I'll have some land and a few dogs, and life will finally be good. :D

dream i had last night

i had this dream last night that we were in the most northern part of maine. i've never been up there in real life. anyways, nate and erin and i were headed up there to go to canada, cause we wanted to smoke lots of drugs (i'm always doing drugs in my dreams, for some reason. maybe some psych major can tell me what that means, as long as it doesnt involve me being obsessed with anything weird) Erin and I were waiting for Nate, cause he just had to go into the McDonalds. It was a Mainer McDonalds. Basically, a little old sit down diner, with a lady with a burner in back of her. Erin and I sat down while Nate was looking for a map (this was sort of the back end of a greasy little gas station) and I ordered two McGriddles. The lady tossed the buns, ham (sorry, Canadian bacon. At least it musta been fresh!), eggs, and all that onto the burner, and chatted us up while we waited for them. It was cute, she took the McGriddles off the grill and wrapped them up in the official little McDonalds wrappers, and we got some hash browns in a similar manner, and a few coffees.

It was drizzling outside. There was a bridge, and on the other side of the bridge was Canada. We never bothered going. After we had our McGriddles, we were pretty much satisfied that Canada wasn't going to top that.

prepaid phones

Does anyone have a prepaid phone? I know so many college kids, I'd have to guess that someone has, or knows someone with one. I'm looking at Virgin Mobile. You have to use 25 dollars every 90 days. That's 6 bucks of calls a month. I was thinking that I would get one of these and forward the house phone to it when I'm gone, so I can still enjoy the nice things about a cell phone, without having yet another contract, or spending 25 bucks for something worth about 6 to me. (Barely 6.) You have to front cash for a phone, but at 50 minimum, I suppose I could live with that.

I haven't been overly impressed with the voip phone, but it's 100 times better than the cell phone, from here. There's other voip providers that provide you with the goodies to make your own phone system. I could make a ton of nerd stuff, but I already posted about that.