May 14th, 2005

nslu2 review so far

Avoiding my finals-studying for a few minutes :D

So, I've been doing a backup job using the nslu2 and the 2 * 250 gig drives. It formats the drives as linux ext3 partition type. I think I've found the upper bounds for file indexing. I have about 21000 ringtones in a directory, but it seems to have slowed to a crawl at the 19000 mark. I remember grabbing this for Rachel last summer, looking for one good marioworld tune. The delete command is chugging away. I suspect it will take a long while to get its bearings. I regret not running the initial backup command sans verbosity. :-/

I suspect that if I get rid of this directory the device will speed up again.

I'm annoyed my live journal account ran out. 25 bucks for another year? *sigh*