October 8th, 2005

ode to livejournal

I post here were it were my last
aghast my final hours end
In mockery I posit thee
Would online in your fading, spend

My online jornal, here to leak
emotive dribble not to seek
Or be sought out by others, weak!
In posting, do we send.

The posts here are all liable,
as canon, or a bible:
"avoid us in a certain creed
that all do post, but none do read"

emo kids who post away
never see the light of day
in all their morbid posting riddles,
never got quite through the middle
of why they bother, anyway

For some sort of stark example,
let us view a random sample:
"God, my wrists are bruised today
how they bleed my life away
Mom won't let me use the car
Her hate for me is not bizzare
Ever since we moved here we
have known a shadow over me
That boils down upon my soul
And out it drains into the hole
of misery my whole life is
and everything else that is his.
Yesterday upon my locker
Felt by me, it was my stalker,
glaring at me all the time,
I know his motives locked in crime
and though he's never stoped to talk
I know his words in how he walks,
His random values for a preacher,
hither do I fear my teacher,
incarnate -- Marquis de Sade
I know he's screwing with my grade!
Well anyways I start to pray
Thanks for listening, L.J.!
Another bout of bitter sorrow,
When the world kills me tomorrow.
Til then I must refresh often,
posting in my online coffin"

In the randomness of it, it's not
Streaming only single thoughts
Cheer up kids, don't be so snide
And go and walk around outside!