November 28th, 2005

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wow i had a crappy, vivid dream last night.

UNH was overlaid with the main street of my hometown. Over this there was some weird sort of integrated mall, and lots of federal buildings. So imagine a 1/3 mile long government center with a small mall, a union building, and lecture halls. I was trying to buy a shirt. I'd already bought one and was wearing it, and decided I wanted another. Well, I paid for the shirt first and was going to go get it and walk out afterwards. Someone moved the shirts, though, so I went to the cashier and she said yeah, you're wearing it. I couldn't figure it out. So I had her cancel my last transaction, and lucky for me, I hadn't clicked a confirming button on my original purchase, so I never really bought the second shirt I couldn't find, so I just left. And I decided to go to lunch with a guy from work and a really annoying new kid. So the guy from work is driving, and, we're parked at a red light. The windows are down. It's a hot summer's day. The road in front of us suddenly lurches upward, and then back down. I go "Hey Dave did you see that?" He goes, yeah, and I freak out and go "roll your windows up RIGHT NOW". And he did.. I was glad. Right when he finished rolling them up, the side of the car got plastered with debris. Little rocks, pebbles, getting bigger and bigger. I told him to run the red light and just drive as fast as safely possible. We went through a ton of red lights at about 20 miles per hour, and then when we got out of the core of downtown we sped down a hill where the air was clear. It ended up being that one of the government buildings had been blown up due to terrorists hating our american concept of "black friday" and consumerism. For a year, terrorists had been bringing in thermoses filled with explosives, and depositing them in the building. Then they blew it up. It was a very vivid dream. I remember later in the dream, I was in the union building.. they still had school and everything the next day. I ran into an old high school friend, and we shook hands and started to catch up. I started telling my own recollection of the day before's explosion, and all these random people started sitting down and listening to me. I looked at my watch, and I was 10 minutes late to a class. I yelled oh crap! And everyone else realized they too were late and everyone made a mad rush for their own classes as well. I woke up a little later. Very vivid... very bright and very real-feeling.