January 1st, 2006

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where's mary? aye tis true, there's nary a traffic light forthwith, for little known was i have moved, now cramped and quite unspacious. and given tiny quarters pruned my stuff -- it is ungracious. so forth you're cast into a random missing page oasis, a wikipaedic page safari rooted on this basis.

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so i had a boring new years

mostly cause of that thing, but, whatever. i watched a couple movies i've seen before, instead. i wasn't mopey about it. i'm feeling better.

Я имел секс с 8 людьми сегодня. Они связали меня вверх. Они шлепают меня. Я люблю грубый секс. Я был пакостной проституткой.

That means "I spend the whole day reading Russian livejournal posts and replying to them using http://babelfish.altavista.com".

Today was boring.