March 28th, 2006


[21:06] CopperWingedWolf: WoW likes to play with my mind.
[21:06] digitalsushi: like head games?
[21:07] digitalsushi: dont let it mess with you
[21:07] digitalsushi: tell it to get out
[21:07] CopperWingedWolf: yes. it says it's up and running but I CAN"T PLAY!
[21:07] digitalsushi: booo
[21:07] digitalsushi: reboot!
[21:09] CopperWingedWolf: It's not the computer. It's the Authentication server. it's nationwide, *is looking at the complaints*
[21:09] digitalsushi: my God
[21:09] digitalsushi: think of all those kids
[21:09] digitalsushi: with nothing better than to do homework
[21:09] CopperWingedWolf: The game has been down since 3 am.
[21:09] digitalsushi: yikes
[21:09] digitalsushi: people must be suicidal at this point
[21:09] digitalsushi: :D
[21:09] digitalsushi: so you're stuck online chatting with people you havent seen in months and months :D
[21:09] digitalsushi: mhwhahwwhwaaaa
[21:10] CopperWingedWolf: ... yah basicly