April 5th, 2006

Java homework

Well, we have to write this spell checker program using Java. It's getting there...

I am actually a bit elated as a method I was writing started working magically. I'm no code guru, so I am always a bit shocked when things work "by the book". This particular method is called the QuickSort. It's really fast. In fact, using it on say, a bag of random marbles, I could promise, on average, that I could have them sorted in n log(n) turns. What's that mean? Well, if I had 16 marbles, it means it would take me about 4 passes to sort them all, instead of say, 16, or 256! (256=16*16, i.e. going through the entire bag of marbles for each marble.)

I have some more nasties to write, now. *sigh*. At least maybe I have a chance of getting it in on time :D

Livejoural sure is dead lately. I'd post if anyone else did. Maybe other people feel the same way. *shrug*