April 29th, 2006

Web 2.0

You know, I never turned into one of those people who jumps when they hear or see the word "blog".

But really, it's hard to find the word without some stigma of religiously grandiose paradigm shifting attached. People talk about blogs like they're the new sliced bread.

As for the whole Web 2.0 thing, I actually get the base model. You can pare it all down from the crufty mass the media obfuscates it into down to one simple notion: Web sites where the visitors make the content are Web 2.0.

Anyways, I just thought I'd mention that because I felt as though I suffered from a revelation. Myspace, livejournal, youtube, all of these use the model.

I guess I didn't really have anything good to post.

Summer projects.

I have three goals this summer in the form of projects.

Two desks and a coffee table.

So, I haven't quite figured out how to do these. First I shall detail the desks:

Two desks in fact.

The first is to be a computer desk. Somehow I intend to hide all the electronics in an inconspicuous manner, because I hate making presentation of them. It's a personal dislike of mine:

People posing proud peripherals of past purchases placed like precious prizes of personal praise pretending to provide presentation, perhaps playing as prestige a pathetically pointless plethora, proving power-pulling parasites a'plenty.

Ajoined upon the upper row, locked in distressed place; the blinking lights remind me of a digital disgrace. So into the dark go they.

Ah, I enjoyed that, but more clearly -- I hate seeing computer crap everywhere. It's distracting. We're old. We don't need to marvel at the blinky lights and constant drone. So I want to hide it, and cleverly at that.

From a mount point above I wish to descend two VESA complient monitor mount bars with yaw, swivel, and rotate options. Into a formica countertop of 5 feet in width I intend to laterally mount both power outlets and PS/2 ports via a drilled blank plate. These will invisibly trace back to the location of the computer storage, providing a keyboard that mysteriously plugs into the desk.

I have no idea how to do the actual trim; it must match the other desk.

The other desk will have a higher work space. My intent is this will be a standing station, and I shall refer to it as a bench. The bench will also have a countertop, augmented with a sheet of stainless steel, afixed via a dual application of contact cement. Undecided so far is the presentation of the back layer. Indeed several options are possible and they all have their own merits. I could make it full of wooden cubbies, for storage. I could line it with peg board, for obvious applications. I could line it too with metal, for magnetic storage, or I could do something less spectacular such as mount a white board or even bulletin board.

The coffee table is the least interesting to me in functionality but most interesting in construction. Certainly so far I have the furthest most developed plan. My intention is to produce two identical radius wood circles from plywood, approximately 1.5 to 2 feet. If I go to a 2 foot radius, the table becomes exceedingly large, but 1.5 feet is very reasonable for a coffee table. However, at 2 feet I can accomplish something the lesser cannot. Between the two sheets of plywood top and bottom I will bisect the table four times, each at pi/4 rotations, providing 8 equal slices. This octogonal configuration will yield, at 2 feet radii, enough lateral space between arms to store a 10 inch dinner plate. Within the slices created by the bisectors I wish to carve out smaller, same pattern holes and replace the wood with glass. Upon this, the contents of the slices beneath will be visible. I can then use the coffee table as a two layered dinner table. A scenario: I serve dinner to 3 others. As the plates are populated with foodstuffs, their vessels are stored beneath in a slice. Each at the table can then directly observe the contents therein, and ask for seconds. :)

Also, as for the decoration, the innards will be some shade of red, and the outsides a darker. Additional design will be incorporated such that the table, when viewed from above, resembles a giant tomato. Possibly the inner core will contain yet another seperate area that could be used to chill a bottle of whatever beverage is a propos. If I do this, then I would probably install occult lighting with frosted glass pathways to diffuse the light source and permiate each slice with a soothing red glow. Of course, then the table has a cord, so I am unsure.