July 24th, 2006

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Got acute sinusitis over the weekend. Should be gone in a day or three. Pretty annoying. I think it was caused by particulates from the massive junk cleaning at work.

Do bloggers count as journalists? Should bloggers get the same civil liberties afforded to journalists by the US Government?

My homemade desk should be showing up Wednesday. My dad is so cool. He did 95% of the work on it. I owe him so much. He's never thinking of himself. Anyways, the desk is going to be absolutely wonderful. All the computer crap goes inside it, so the only visible computer parts in the entire place are going to be the keyboards, monitors, mice.

In my delerium last night from the flu, I kept going over some instructions I read on how to create a "multiseat" Linux GUI configuration. Maybe a few of us have heard of "dual head" or "multi head" before -- more than one monitor? Well, Dualseat or Multiseat is slightly different. It means multiple people can use one computer at the same time. Each person gets at least 1 monitor, and 1 keyboard and 1 mouse. Just recently the patches for Xorg.org X Windows came out supporting it officially. Might as well give it a shot. It's supposed to be easy to flip between multihead and multiseat. Should just require a simple X restart. (Which is actually a little annoying, but not too much.) Instead of getting a third monitor, my intention is simply to let Jenna and myself use one each, during those periods that we both are sitting at the desk together. I really find the design elegant. One computer, two users? It'll barely be noticable, because 99% of the time your average PC is just sitting there waiting for something to do, anyways. What, we needed 3,000 Megahert Pentium-4s to browse the web? It can handle 6 users web browsing without them noticing each other.

Also, I spent way too much cash yesterday. But it was mostly a good thing. Strategic stuff. Oil change, well those are never a bad idea. Tires rotated. Also a good idea, especially with an inspection next month. The big ticket item was that I bought a leather coat. Eh, I do that every few years. They wear out. This one is nice. I really like the feel. First off, I'm going to do a once sentence rant on leather -- it doesn't accumulate static, and as such, 100,000 dollar test boards at work don't get zapped. This is a "good thing". Besides, who likes getting zapped themself? Anyways, they were all half off and are on their way out the door. I dunno what they do with them. Burn 'em? They get all the new crap in for the winter sometime at the end of August, and it all ramps back up to 100% of normal price. And the coat is cool. I might actually have to model in it. It has arms that are long enough to not pull the coat up with itself when I stretch.

Yep. Trite blogging. Gotta love it.