August 21st, 2006

my fun day

Today Jenna brought me out to Litchfield to play mini golf.  We were lucky cause her mom was able to hop down and meet up with us -- she kicked both our butts!  Jenna's mom is really awesome.  She's really selfless and it shows through where she directs her energies.  Jenna's really lucky to have her mom around, and one so caring.  Anyhoo, before her mom showed up, I wanted to show Jenna up -- at the driving range.  Although she claims she didn't see my 2 200 yard hits, she probably has a point that even if I did (I did), they were just chance.  Oh, come on -- 135 balls, I'm sure those 2 were skill.

We ate lunch at the Ruby Tuesday and had a couple trips to the salad bar before the sandwich came out.  I'm getting so out of shape, it's starting to show ... I don't have enough determination right now to burn it off, so maybe I really ought to give a second look at just not consuming it to begin with :-/ 

All in all, though, it was a fun day.  And I got a tiny litle fan to keep my external hard drives room temperature, so hopefully no more unmitigable, crippling data loss!  Yay cake!