October 21st, 2006

how to root plant stems

How to root plant stems

If you would like to start a new plant from an old one, it's very easy. 

Step one.  Clip some of the plant.  The more leaves you get on the clipping, the easier of a time it will have starting.  I usually do 3 leaves minimum and 5 maximum. 

Step two.  Clean some glassware with soap, and then rinse it out completely. 

Step three.  Put 1/3 of a piece of drawing charcoal into the glass.

Step four.  Put the clipping in.

Step five.  Fill it with water and put into the sun.

The charcoal is <i>amazing</i>.  I've had three clippings going for 2 weeks, and they are almost ready for potting.  Without charcoal, I would estimate this to be much longer, perhaps 2 or 4 times longer, depending.  It seems to really accelerate the growth, enough that I have to be a geek and write about it.

Also, remember that if you have long strands of growth on your vine plants (that's all I can grow, myself), cutting the longer pieces off will make bushier, happier looking plants.  It takes a lot of energy to keep those apendages growing out there, and although they look cool, turning them into new plants will produce a lot more plants all around.