December 29th, 2006

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december 29th 2006

so today i got up a little late, and ate some cereal.  i totally wanted to get a bagel, but didn't want to drive an extra ten minutes.  so then, i got to work.  mm, i love driving up the driveway to work.  but sometimes my car makes a weird noise, ya know?  i really like south park.  that cartman!  then, i got to work.  and i totally had a nice cold coke from the vending machine!  i know, coke in the morning, right?  but i didn't even care!  i read about stuff online for a while, and then i went to lunch.  nate was wearing shorts today.  he's funny, shorts arent for the winter!  what a guy!  and then we ate some lunch, and one kid got extra sauce, and i was totally upset because there wasn't any ketchup at the table.  then nate got a coffee.  then we went back to work.  i really still wanted a bagel! and i didnt get to have any coffee today.  that isn't fair at all.  i really like coffee.  but then again, i bet a lot of people like coffee.  hahaha, of course they do!  and then i surfed the web again for a while.  then i drive home.  it got dark outside tonight.  i think the sun went down!  and then i got in and i decided to browse the web for a while.  wow, it sure feels good to help build the internet out with new content.. i dont know what i would do if i didnt have a reason to exist...