January 6th, 2007

weird dream

first i hooked plante up with the first random chick that came along
then i was trying to do work in 10gig and everyone else was partying cause it was the last day before school
and andy was looking at me funny
and then nate and dave yelled to me that they were going to go fight crime on their motorcycles and that i should come along
and they took off to get their motorcycles they keep in their offices
and then my sidekick, robin, started yelling over the aisle that he wanted to come along too, and so i let him
but i wasnt near my bike, and that sucked cause they were going to leave without me
so i ran into the far side where my office was and just drove my motorcycle through the lab, and when they saw that i was doing that, they all turned their bikes on too and we took off to fight crime through the aisles