February 2nd, 2007

restructuring the brain as a side effect

the other day i was told, in stark contrast
to that which i most normally expect
that my arguments are yielding depth
and order and logic.
No so much that they are wise, mind you,
or even good by any means.  But to have such
a potent declaration made against one who
considers himself so unable to make a clear
distinction from one point and the next, it
was really quite a sensation to feel that a peer,
a friend at that, accused me of growing.

And so then I considered a flurry of thoughts,
considerations into what might make this so,
and it was only a short while before the culprit
was named.  My major had rooted and was showing
its first tiny leaves; computer science is simply
an applied philosophy degree, and knowing this,
it seemed reasonable to surmise I might just be
gaining from it.

Further from this, I was annoyed when I considered
yet another side effect.  For a year or so, perhaps,
I have been increasingly annoyed by bad writing.  And so
much of it finds its way online into published forums, I find
myself at a loss in those instances.